Saturday, May 21, 2016

Vladimir Gazovic

Vladimir Gazovic - Pythagoras - Thou Shalt Not Kill, 1975Pythagoras - Thou Shalt Not Kill, 1975

Vladimir Gazovic - Birds of Her Majesty, 1970Birds of Her Majesty, 1970

Vladimir Gazovic - Saddle your imagination, 1972Saddle your imagination, 1972

Vladimir Gazovic - Adam and Eve, 1969Adam and Eve, 1969

Vladimir Gazovic - From letters Galanda, 1978From letters Galanda, 1978

Vladimir Gazovic - Freedom In My Sign, 1969 Freedom In My Sign, 1969

Vladimir Gazovic - Composer Leoš Janáček, 1980Composer Leoš Janáček, 1980

Vladimir Gazovic - Expulsion of Raja, 1969Expulsion of Raja, 1969

Vladimir Gazovic - Kolomanovi Sokolovi 1979Kolomanovi Sokolovi 1979

Vladimir Gazovic - Adam and Eve, 1970Adam and Eve, 1970

Vladimir Gazovic - Reflecting On The Bizarre World, 1971Reflecting On The Bizarre World, 1971

Vladimir Gazovic - Zuzana Old Men, 1970Zuzana Old Men, 1970

Vladimir Gazovic - Seek And Find, 1979Seek And Find, 1979

Vladimir Gazovic - The bread which we break II, 1968The bread which we break II, 1968

Vladimir Gazovic - The Temptation Of Saint Anthony, 1970The Temptation Of Saint Anthony, 1970

Vladimir Gazovic - Spring Summer Autumn Winter 1969Spring Summer Autumn Winter, 1969

Vladimir Gazovic - Eros Haus II, 1991Eros Haus II, 1991

Vladimir Gazovic - Leaving The Fantasy Land, 1968Leaving The Fantasy Land, 1968

Vladimir Gazovic - Same Eye, 1979Same Eye, 1979

Vladimir Gazovic - Tribute F.Goyovi, 1967Tribute F. Goyovi, 1967

Vladimir Gazovic - End of Millenium, 1999End of Millenium, 1999

Vladimir Gazovic was born in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, in 1939.   
A brief biography of the artist  can be found here.

Artworks found at Web Umenia.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday, May 06, 2016

Jose Hernandez

José Hernández - Reflection on the Grand Malaise, 1972 Reflection on the Grand Malaise, 1972

José Hernández - The Absence of Liquid, 1973
The Absence of Liquid, 1973

José Hernández - Breeze Interupted, 1977
Breeze Interupted, 1977

José Hernández - Identity Of Person, 1989
Identity Of Person, 1989

José Hernández - Strategists, 1978
Strategists, 1978

José Hernández - Weather Report, 1982
Weather Report, 1982

José Hernández - Mask Of Contempt, 2007Mask Of Contempt, 2007
 José Hernández - Evening Mask IV, 2008Evening Mask IV, 2008

José Hernández - The Hydra, 2002The Hydra, 2002

José Hernández - Exercise Of Memory, 1981Exercise Of Memory, 1981

José Hernández - Putrid CharactersPutrid Characters
 José Hernández - The Morons III, 1974The Morons III, 1974

José Hernández - The Monocle, 1974The Monocle, 1974
 José Hernández - The Morons II, 1974The Morons II, 1974

José Hernández - Guardian of Spectres, 1975Guardian of Spectres, 1975
 José Hernández - Putrid CharacterPutrid Character

Jose Hernandez - Inherited Malaise, 1975Inherited Malaise, 1975
 José Hernández - Melmoth, 2009Melmoth, 2009
 José Hernández - ExplosionExplosion

José Hernández - Metamorfosis, 2009Metamorfosis, 2009

"José Hernández, born January 5, 1944 in Tangier International Zone, and died in Malaga (Spain) at age 69, on November 20, 2013.

Exposes his first works in “Librairie des Colonnes” of Tangiers in 1962. Since 1964 lives and works in Madrid. Since 1980 shared residence and studio between Madrid and Malaga, Spain.
He starts in the engraving techniques in 1967. Since then he produces an abundant graphic work that includes numerous bibliophile book editions. To his extensive work as a painter and engraver, add their work as a book illustrator, scenographer and costume designer for theater and film projects." - quote source

Jose Hernandez  was among the first artists shared on Monster Brains.

Artworks found at The Macabre GalleryLa Tienda Del Kirguise, Velly, and El Marco Verde.
More work from Hernandez can be found on his official site.

Below you will find an interview with Hernandez and a video showing him working in his print studio.